Wine Making Classes

Wondering how we make wine? Is it something you would like to try? This is your opportunity to participate in a “hands-on” class to make your very own wine. You become the winemaker with our guidance.

Classes will take you through our selection of the New York State juices. You will then be able to make your choice of juice to create your personal wine that you will bottle. Making your wine will be like baking a cake from scratch, as you will be using crushed juice from a vineyard in New York State, not a kit.

About us:

Raymor Cellars is a boutique winery located in Bloomfield, New York. We produce award-winning wines from locally grown New York State grapes. With thirty plus years of winemaking experience, we would like to share our passion for winemaking with you.


These hands-on classes will be taught by our winemaker, Herb Raymor, and take place at our winery in our production facility. The classes will extend over a period of months with scheduled meeting times. You will be using fresh crushed juice to create your own style of wine. Some wine will take longer to finish than others based on the characteristics of the grape and the style of finished wine you choose to produce. Your finished vintage will yield 25-27 bottles of wine.

Your winemaking adventure will be fun and rewarding, as well as educational. Some of the things you will be learning are:

Select Your Grape:

We will offer a choice of  red grapes; FRONTENAC, CHANCELLOR, FREDONIA and white grapes; DIAMOND or VIGNOLES, and others may be avail;able per request. Both juices are from New York State grown grapes. 

Let us know which juice you would like us to get for your first vintage!!

Pricing: $350.00

The price includes class instruction, juice, chemicals, the use of winery equipment, bottles, capsules, and corks.

 For each 5-gallon carboy of juice, a $60.00 deposit will be required when signing up for the class. At the first class, the balance of $290.00 is due.


Contact us for details at (585) 233-9860 or, better yet come visit us at the winery!