Mission & Values


Our mission at Raymor Estate Cellars is what has kept us focused as we founded our Estate, and keeps us excited as we look towards the future of our growing business. 


Our mission:


Raymor Estate Cellars was established with a passion to craft the highest quality unique wines from the juice of locally grown New York State grapes to satisfy each and every customer. Our goal is to offer a unique portfolio of wines that provides something for everyone. 


Our vision is clear, simple, and enduring:

Become Western New York’s Premier Boutique Winery.

At the Estate, we aren’t just making wine. We’re crafting a passion for producing unique wines into masterpieces. Producing wines of this caliber requires strict standards.

We have high standards for ourselves, which can be attributed to the core values we use to define the character of Raymor Estate Cellars. 


We source our grapes from some of the finest vineyards in New York State. When it comes to choosing the right grapes, there is no compromising on quality and taste. We visit our growers often and maintain key industry relationships for the purpose of networking and learning, which allows us to constantly refine and make better our selection process for finding and sourcing the highest quality ingredients possible. 


Doing the right thing even when nobody is around. Our Estate was founded on 20 years of passion for creating unique wines. We’re honest with our customers and ourselves. Having integrity, for us, means not taking shortcuts, cutting corners, or skipping steps in any part of the wine making process. We adhere to all governmental policies, industry best standards, and set even higher standards for ourselves. 


Each unique varietal and custom blend we produce is a result of meticulous planning, blending, and calculating just the right amount of every ingredient we use to make our wines.