Your Wine Preference can Hanna

August 01, 2019

When I started working at Raymor in April of this year, the selection of wine I would enjoy drinking was quite limited. I really only liked very sweet wine and wouldn’t often pick wine as my beverage of choice. After trying all the different wines at Raymor over the past few months, my preference has changed quite a bit and my horizons have been broadened. Although I still very much enjoy their sweet wines, I am also a fan of a few of the dry wines as well. I love the dry Riesling, which is called Sunburst. This wine is not actually as dry as it seems, with a residual sugar percentage of .71, you would expect it to be dryer. I also very much enjoy the driest of the white wines which is the Sunrise; a blend of 3 different grapes and has flavors of citrus, cranberry and raspberry. The Vignoles is also a very tasty dry white wine, however it is quite fruity, which gives it a bit of a sweeter taste with a dry finish. Initially my favorite wine from Raymor was the Cellar White, a very sweet wine with a residual sugar percentage of 5.0 and made from the Niagara grape. However, after having tried a larger variety of their wines I’d have to say my favorite one is Iona, which is a Semi-Dry wine. The Iona grape is unique because there are only two known locations in New York where this grape is grown. I could go on and on about all my favorites at Raymor but I will wrap it up with my favorite red, Autumn Harvest. This is a Semi-Sweet, blended wine and had a beautiful autumn orange color to it. I can’t wait to have a glass (or three) at Thanksgiving this year! 



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