Raspberry Cider Ice Cream Float by Eva

July 11, 2019

Who doesn’t love a root beer float on a hot summer day? Or maybe, since were all over 21, a heavily poured glass of ice cold Spring Bloom. 

But what about a new combination of flavors like vanilla ice cream and our hard ciders! Who doesn’t enjoy peaches and cream, berries and cream, and one of the best parts about being an American - warm apple pie and ice cream! Since our ciders are still, meaning non-carbonated, you can enjoy them cold or hot. Warming our ciders allow some hidden flavors you may miss otherwise. Which makes this treat perfect for summer and even in the winter. Pour a couple ladles of warmed sugar maple hard cider on top of vanilla ice cream and you’re in for a surprise! Try lemon sorbet, frozen raspberries with a splash of our raspberry cider for an adult raspberry lemonade. You could even experiment with our ciders by making floats from mixing two flavors of cider, like blackberry and peach, and serving it over vanilla ice cream.  The possibilities are endless so be sure to have fun with it and don’t forget your straw! 


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