Our Tasting Room by Hanna, Our Tasting Room Manager...

July 02, 2019

I have been working at Raymor Cellars for around three months. I started off working only once a week and helping to fill in for my lovely friend, Kasey, who has been loyal to the Raymor’s for a few years now. I was not expecting Raymor Cellars to become my primary job let alone become the tasting room manager! The tasting room has a calm atmosphere and working here brings me very little stress, if any. I love that I can also spend time outside in the summer and enjoy the warm breeze and watch the birds. I have had many high stress jobs over the years and have needed this kind of change. The Raymor’s are by far the kindest and most considerate people I have had the pleasure of working for. I am happy to have found this gem of a winery and feel very grateful to have the opportunity to spend my days here. 





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