Mia at Raymor Cellars....

July 04, 2019

When you come to Raymor Cellars there is a good chance you’ll meet our furry little friend, Mia! Mia is the “winery cat” as we like to call her and she roams about the property doing whatever she pleases. Mia is a very vocal kitty, she loves to tell you just what’s on her mind. Mia absolutely loves attention and will not hesitate to go right up to anyone she sees. She will also sneak into the tasting room if she gets the chance. Although she is not supposed to be in the tasting room, nobody objects to getting her out. Mia will jump right up into your lap and take all the pets and scratches she can get before you want to finish your glass of wine! Mia brings joy to anyone who meets her and her presence adds uniqueness to the Raymor winery. Here are a few of my favorite photos of her!

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