Iona Eva

August 01, 2019

Iona Eva

What drew me into becoming an employee for Raymor Estate Cellars Winery, other than how delightful Herb and Pam are, is the unique varietals of wine we have to offer! Riesling has always been my favorite varietal and then I tried our Iona. Iona tastes very similar to Riesling with the volume turned up. Sweet honeyed tropical fruits invigorate your senses. A very smooth, fruit forward, Riesling-esque taste initially hits your palette. Then my favorite part comes. A rush of the grapiest of grape flavor refreshingly lingers on your palette, a lot longer than other varietals. It’s so unique you need to taste it for yourself! There are only three vineyards in New York that grow this varietal due to the additional care and attention needed to have them thrive. Although Raymor Estate Cellars is considered a winery, rather than vineyard, Iona vines are one of the few varietals you can find planted here. Come in, get a chilled glass of Iona or a whole bottle. Then, if you’re lucky, and Herb or Pam are around, you might be able to get up close and personal with, what I consider to be, one of the most unique grapes NYS (and we) have to offer. 


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