Birds At The Tasting Room by Hanna

July 19, 2019

As I had mentioned in a previous blog, one thing I like to do on my downtime is watch the birds right outside of the Tasting Room. Herb has many bird houses and always makes sure the birds are fed so they know they have a home here. The most common bird I see is the goldfinch, a small yellow bird. Occasionally I’ll see blue jays  and red cardinals. I don’t know much about birds but watching them inspires me to learn more about different bird species. If you are fascinated by birds, you may like to enjoy a cold glass of wine or cider outside the Tasting Room and get lost in bird watching. We also have an assortment of unique bird houses, big and small, for sale here at Raymor Cellars Winery. Pictured is my favorite of Herb’s bird houses as well as a few bird houses found for sale inside the Tasting Room. 



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