March 23, 2014

 The Iona grape, from which this wine is made, is a very unique grape, bold in aroma and taste. Although the grape is not widely grown in the Finger Lakes area it produces a white wine with a taste you should definitely experience!  An aroma of pineapple with a pear finish gives this wine a taste you won't soon forget. Our goal is to offer a unique portfolio of wines that provides something for everyone's pallet and in keeping with our goal we always listen to our customers. With the help of our customer's feedback we realized we needed to offer Iona in a variety of levels, dry to sweet, and so the "Iona Trilogy" was born. We now offer Iona dry with a residual sugar of 0% noted with a gray capsule, semi-dry Iona, our original Iona, has a residual sugar of 1.1% and the copper capsule and the sweet Iona has a 3% residual sugar with a blue capsule. 

Come out and try the Trilogy, even though it is the same hand crafted wine each sweetness level offers its own unique taste!

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